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Top 10 Movies on Reinhard Heydrich

Updated: May 6, 2023

Visitors should not glamorize the movies featured in this post, given Reinhard Heydrich's role in the Nazi regime and the crimes against humanity he and his collaborators perpetrated during World War II.

It is essential to approach historical and fictional media (i.e., books, eBooks, movies) associated with the Nazi regime with sensitivity and respect for the victims and survivors. In general, it is advisable to focus on educational travel and research related to Auschwitz, the Holocaust, and World War II, holistically.

Top 10 Movies on Reinhard Heydrich

The following are notable movies that I recommend about Reinhard Heydrich.

This film depicts the Wannsee Conference, during which Heydrich played a key role in planning the Final Solution. Golden Globe & Emmy Award Winner.

This is my favorite historical film on Heydrich and stars Kenney Branagh as Reinhard Heydrich, Stanley Tucci as Adolf Eichmann, Colin Firth as Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart, and David Threlfall as Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger.

film review conspiracy

Hitler nicknamed Reinhard Heydrich "the man with the iron heart." This film tells the story of Heydrich's assassination by Czech resistance fighters in 1942. I will write more posts about Heydrich's assassination in future posts. It's been difficult to find a service where you can stream this movie; click on the IMDB link for the latest.

film review the man with the iron heart

This film is also about Heydrich's assassination and the Czech resistance fighters who carried out the operation. My opinion - the finest movie you will see about the Czech paratroopers who carried out Operation Anthropoid. Filmed in its entirety in Prague, Czech Republic. I will write more posts about Heydrich's assassination in future posts.

film review anthropoid

This informative miniseries follows the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, with Heydrich as a prominent character. Stars Peter Stormare (Armageddon), Friedrich von Thune (Schindler's List), and Peter O'Toole (The Tudors)

film review hitler the rise of evil

This thriller features a Nazi hunter and a fictionalized version of Heydrich, who is cloned by a group of Nazis in an attempt to resurrect the Third Reich.

Stars Gregory Peck.

film review the boys from brazil

This classic film noir features Orson Welles as a Nazi war criminal who has escaped to the United States, with Heydrich mentioned as one of his associates.

film review the stranger

This war film features a cameo appearance by Heydrich, who is shown directing the Luftwaffe's bombing campaign against Britain.

film review battle of britain

This mystery-thriller features Heydrich as one of the suspects in the murder of a prostitute during World War II.

film review the night of the generals

This thriller features a fictionalized version of Heydrich's assassination and explores the aftermath of the event. Based on an excellent novel by the same and written by Frederick Forsyth.

film review the odessa file

This romantic war drama features Heydrich as a supporting character, and explores his relationship with a Dutch maid during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

film review the exception


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