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  • James Flerlage

Top 10 eBooks and Audiobooks on Reinhard Heydrich

Updated: May 6, 2023

Visitors should not glamorize the eBooks featured in this post, given Reinhard Heydrich's role in the Nazi regime and the crimes against humanity he and his collaborators perpetrated during World War II.

It is essential to approach historical and fictional media (i.e., books, eBooks, movies) associated with the Nazi regime with sensitivity and respect for the victims and survivors. In general, it is advisable to focus on educational travel and research related to Auschwitz, the Holocaust, and World War II, holistically.

Top 10 Audiobooks and eBooks on Reinhard Heydrich

The following are notable eBooks that I recommend about Reinhard Heydrich. Be sure to check out My Most Recently Published Favorite at the bottom of the post, "The Hangman and His Wife," by Nancy Dougherty.

This well-researched eBook offers an in-depth look at Heydrich's life and career and provides valuable insights into his motivations and actions.

Heydrich Face of Evil Mario Dederichs

This comprehensive biography thoroughly examines Heydrich's life and legacy and explores his role in the Final Solution and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime.

Hitlers Hangman The Life of Heydrich Robert Gerwarth

This eBook offers an in-depth look at the history and operations of the Gestapo, which Heydrich led during World War II.

The Gestapo A History of Hitler's Secret Police Rupert Butler

4. "Reinhard Heydrich: A Biography"

by Leora Zeitlin

Provides a detailed and well-researched account of Reinhard Heydrich's life and career and explores his role in the Nazi regime's genocidal policies. Title currently suspended as an eBook. Check your local library.

This eBook provides a detailed and gripping account of Heydrich's assassination by Czech resistance fighters. It explores the impact of this event on the course of World War II.

The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich The SS Butcher of Prague Callum Macdonald

This historical fiction novel is book one (1) of seven (7) featuring Heydrich as a character and provides a fictionalized account of his role in the persecution of witches in 17th-century Bavaria.

The Hangman's Daughter Oliver Potzsch

This eBook provides a comprehensive look at the key figures of the Nazi regime, including Heydrich and his role in the Holocaust.

Hitler's Enforcers Leaders of the German War Machine 1939-1945 James Lucas

This comprehensive biography, formerly titled, "Reinhard Heydrich, The Biography, Vol 1," provides an in-depth look at his life and career, from his childhood to his rise to power in the Nazi regime. This book is now only available in hardback, but Williams has a multi-volume series available about various SS leaders and their role in the Holocaust as eBooks.

Heydrich Dark Shadow of the SS Max Williams

This eBook provides an in-depth look at the wives of top Nazi's, with significant focus on Heydrich's wife, Lena Heydrich and her role as wife, mother, and supporter of Nazism and her husband's career and genocidal politics.

Nazi Wives Women Top of Hitler's Germany James Wyllie

This novel, representing Book 8 of the "Legion of the Damned" series, features a fictionalized version of Heydrich and explores his role in the Nazi regime's atrocities during World War II

SS General Sven Hassel

From Amazon, Publication Date, May 24, 2022 (Knopf)

An astonishing journey into the heart of Nazi evil: a portrait of one of the darkest figures of Hitler’s Nazi elite—Reinhard Heydrich, the designer and executor of the Holocaust, chief of the Reich Main Security, including the Gestapo—interwoven with commentary by his wife, Lina, from the author's in-depth interviews. A "New Yorker" Best Book of the Year.

The Hangman and His Wife The Life and Death of Reinhard Heydrich Nancy Dougherty


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