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Travel Research

Visitors will find snippets of travel and tour planning advice buried in various posts, but this section will include checklists, recommendations and considerations for your trip and tour research. Over time, I will try to answer my most frequently asked questions.


Visiting the Auschwitz Concentration Camp - A Partial List of Frequently Asked Questions


  • How did you plan your tour, and what did that entail?

  • What did it cost versus what were you able to afford?

  • With travel to and from, and the actual tour itself, how long does it take?

  • How did you mentally or spiritually prepare for this experience?

  • Did you do any research about Auschwitz prior to your tour?

  • What tour, travel, or research materials can I find online?

  • Are there any books or audiobooks you would recommend?

  • Are there movies or documentaries I should watch before I go?

  • Which companies and service providers do you recommend?

  • What would you do anything differently if you were to plan a trip to Auschwitz again?

I needed a section where I could post planning and preparation insights, as well as a place to post links to travel and topic resources, i.e., websites, books, movies, documentaries, etc. I hope you find everything you need to plan your trip. If not, contact me through the Join My Mailing List form.

Resource Links & Full Disclosure


In the interest of full disclosure -- I have a full-time professional career in the high-tech industry and this is a hobby blog. I figured out that I could use affiliate links to the resources I planned on recommending, and that I might be able to cover some of the costs associated with hosting, web design, and other technology-related expenses by using them on occasion.


Not all of the links are affiliate links. For the ones that are, I only link to the tour and travel companies and resources I have used and recommend. 


Lastly, I do not accept free trips from travel companies nor write sponsored content for tour or travel agencies or their websites. I am not a travel agent, tour operator, or guide. This site is not affiliated with, nor sponsored by, any corporate, non-profit, religious, or political organization.

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